Gautam Khattak, Director of Software Engineering and Engineering Productivity, Artesyn Embedded Technologies

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Gautam has 15 years in the Telecommunications, Embedded Computing & Power  industries. From Boston, he received his Undergraduate & Masters degrees in  Computer Engineering from Syracuse University. After many cold winters  Gautam took a job with Motorola in Phoenix so he could sit under the palm  trees. In 2010 Gautam moved to Hong Kong to be the Director of Software  Engineering and Engineering Productivity for Artesyn Embedded Technologies.

During his PT MBA at HKUST Gautam was an ambassador to prospective  students. He wrote articles for the SCMP Education Post Online to give  advice to current and prospective MBA students. Outside of work, Gautam is  a foodie, hiker/climber, avid traveler and scuba diver. He was the  President of two corporate Toastmaster programs (in Shenzhen and HK),  frequently teaches classes on Better Presentation Design and Public  Speaking, and volunteers for an experimental learning program helping  students become junior entrepreneurs while pursuing their passion for  improving the environment in Hong Kong.

Learn more about Gautam’s MBA journey

Q: What was your main motivation is doing an MBA? Why? 

A: As I moved up in my career, my decisions had a much larger impact to the  organization, higher risks and consequences but they were based off my  experiences and common sense. I wanted to get an MBA to help fortify my  decision making capabilities as well as accelerate my career by giving me  the tools to be a better leader that otherwise would take me a decade on  the job.

Q: What is the single most important lesson you have learned from your MBA  experience?

A: You get out what you put in. Remember that you’re in the MBA because you  chose to be. This isn’t like undergraduate school. So work you butt off  (don’t worry there is plenty of time to play too!). While you’re in the MBA  you should try very hard to get out of your comfort zone. Ask the questions  you wouldn’t do in a business meeting. Volunteer to give a presentation  because of the fact that you’re shy or scared. This is the best time to  take risks because there’s no one who is going to fire you. So take a  chance, and keep taking them. You’ll exceed your expectations.


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